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Government offices and departments in Telford including council/ local authority departments.



The subcategories listed below contain more Telford government agencies.


Businesses in Similar Categories

1130 (Telford & Wrekin) Squadron Air Training Corps - Armed Services - Reserve Forces (Factories & Manufacturing)

123 (T) Ammo Squadron - Armed Services - Reserve Forces (School & Educational Establishments)

123 C Sups Sqn R L C (V) - Armed Services - Reserve Forces (Factories & Manufacturing)

Bruce Grocott - Members Of Parliaments (Office & Administration)

C A F C A S S - Central Government (Office & Administration)

Case Management Team - Social Services (Other)

Childcare Outlook - Local Government (Office & Administration)

Clive Roberts - Town Planning Consultants (Shops & other Retail Outlets)

Community Mental Health Team - Social Services (Office & Administration)

Community Mental Health Team - Social Services (Office & Administration)

David Wright - Members Of Parliaments (Office & Administration)

Dawley Library - Libraries (Police, Fire, Ambulance)

Donnington Library - Libraries (Police, Fire, Ambulance)

Dothill Centre - Social Services (Office & Administration)

Downing House - Social Services (Office & Administration)

English Partnerships - Central Government (Office & Administration)

Great Dawley Parish Council - Local Government (Office & Administration)

Hadley Library - Libraries (Police, Fire, Ambulance)

Kemberton Consulting - Town Planning Consultants (Office & Administration)

Lilleshall & Donnington Parish Council - Local Government (Other)

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